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Kintbury Gundog Club
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KC ID 704
President: Mr Harry Henderson
Est. 1987
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This new section named Yester-year is about our past history. It’s imput is going to be from you our members! So now is your chance to find those photo’s of past Kintbury Gundog Club Test and Trials. If anybody has got any old photos of any members, tests, trials, training days, demonstrations in fact anything associated with Kintbury Gindog Club from when it was formed in 1987. It can be newspaper cuttings, reports, photo’s, something memorable you would like to say..if I can type it for you or scan it I will be able to put it on this page. As long as a date, year can be associated to it.

It really celebrates Kintbury Gundog Clubs 26th anniversary, Roman Petrowski one of our founder members was looking through his old photographs and found some of our original members in a mock trial day in chieveley near Newbury. I am going to put them on soon….so please bear with me!

Bryn your webmaster

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