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Our first ever water competition for AV Spaniels and AV Retrievers was held yesterday 10th June and did not disappoint!! The weather was perfect and there was a great turnout of 22 AV Spaniels and 11 AV Retrievers. We were lucky to have the use of the lakes at Frobury Park by kind permission of Paul Oldring. This proved to be a perfect venue and grateful thanks must go to Paul for allowing us to use his ground.
Our judges were Pete Castleman, Ray Titchener and Ken Rolfe who set some testing retrieves and offered some useful advice on handling dogs in water and gave every dog an opportunity to succeed.
There was a good variety of handlers and dogs with many competing for the first time which all added up to create the most enjoyable day.
This event was arranged by Ken Rolfe and Katie Fraser with the accent on it being a relaxed fun day where spaniel and retriever members could get together and compete with their dogs and from the feedback received so far this proved to be the case.
This was the most enjoyable day and we have so many people to thank for helping it to run smoothly. From our ever loyal team of helpers, dummy throwers and stewards through to the judges and to Paul…we thank you all.
Finally an event is not an event without participants!!
So many thanks go to all who entered, you made it a great day with the best atmosphere.


Alex Hammond Thanks everyone for a fun test on the water today. A thoroughly enjoyable day, well run, lovely atmosphere. It’s left much to work on! Congratulations to all the award winners too 🙌🏻

Just wanted to say how fabulous the water competition was today. Thanks to all of you for organising such a great morning.  
Thanks again. Vicki

Claire Salter Well done all, especially Moira!! 👍

David Browne Well done everyone and huge congrats to Nigel - rapid progress!

Thanks Maureen. Enjoyed the test, hope there will be one next year. Maybe i ll try a spaniel one day?? 

Results of the Water Competition held at Frobury Park on Sunday 10th June 2018                             by kind permission of Paul Oldring.
Puppy AV Spaniel.
st   Wendy Neville with Poppymead Perthshire Pimms of Nevillesway CSB
nd  Simon Peters with 'Fidget' CS

Puppy AV RetrieverPuppy AV Retriever
1st Vicki Ruston with IsleofMan Gin LABB
2nd Moira Robertson with Downfarm Orina LBB
Novice AV Spaniel
1st Simon Goddard with Crofton Flight ESSD
2nd Vincent Jeal with Mare Ingenii ESSB
3rd Dave Bazen with Woodash Dragonfly CSB

st  Vicki Ruston with Isleofman Gin LBB
nd  Moira Robertson with Downfarm Orina LBB

Novice AV Spaniel
1st  Simon Goddard with Crofton Flight ESSD
nd  Vincent Jeal with Mare Ingenii ESSB
rd  Dave Bazen with Woodash Dragonfly CSB

Novice AV Retriever
st  Helen Sanderson with Welcheston Meadow Red LBB
nd  Jean Baveystock with Polihale Bucks Fizz at Baveybuilt GRB
rd  Tessa Driscoll with Newmeadow Harris LBD

Open AV Spaniel only
1st  Nigel Long with Knollspride Bonnie ESSB


Thank you to Dave Bazen for supplying these wonderful photographs of the day
Results of the AV Spaniel Interclub Match
    held at Faccombe Estate. Hampshire. By kind permission of:
                Faccombe Estates Ltd and Mr Bob Heaver

Judges:     Jeremy Organ, Simon Jones & Andrew Robinson

st Representing Bristol & West Gundog Society with 332 points

     Dave Templar with Sliabh Aine of Carteel ESSB

 Richard Preest with Centrewalk Topaz CSD  

     Andrew Faulkner with Edgegrove Opel ESSB

nd Representing The Countryways Team with 316 points

     Dave Templar with Barcudwen Spirit of Crispico ESSD

     Andrea Perrett with Aiteann Beagh of Clearmeadow ESSD

rd  Representing Cornwall Field Trial Society with 301 points

      Alice Wise with Rosebay Harmony ESSB

      Kit Williams with Calderbridge Willow ESSD

      Morwenna McNally with Palmarrion Hot shot ESSB

The Award for Best Hunting Dog:

This went to Chris Green with Colcourt Comet of Conholthill ESSD

A big thankyou to all the members of all the teams who entered this wonderful event making it the success it was.
To Kintbury Gundog Club everyone is a winner regardless of what position you were at the end of the day.  

Alice Wise representing Cornwall Field Trial Society said:

I would like to say what a lovely day we had at the Kintbury Interclub Team event At Faccombe today there were 7 teams, the ground was superb the test were very testing, the judges Jeremy Organ, Andy Robinson and Simon Jones all on top form as usual and thank you to Katie Fraser who did a first class job of all the organisation and of course all the helpers Congratulations to Bristol and West on first place with the Countryways Team coming second and we the Cornwall coming Third
Good to catch up with lots of friends old and new and a lot of friendly banter.

Judge Simon Jones said:
Great day yesterday thanks to you and Ken for all your hard work, along with the rest of the Kintbury Team. Always a good do with the Kintbury and we have been very lucky over the years to have such good host grounds for Tests & Trials.

 Winning Teams Bristol & West GDS, Countryways Team &   Cornwall FTS with Judges
Winner of the Best Hunting Dog went to Chris Green with Colcourt Comet of Conholthill ‘Monty’
Results of the Novice/Open AV Retriever Test on Sunday 15th April 2018
held at Hamstead Park. Newbury by kind permission of:
                                     Mr Tim Gwyn Jones
JUDGES:        Novice & Open      Mr John Birkett (10), Mrs Sarah Winter (NP)
                                                       & Mr Keith Broomfield (2214)
1st    Judy Venables with Henergy Vinney of Quardrum LRD
nd    Moira Robertson with Laurinco Tiger Lily of Downfarm LRB
rd    Carolanne Bowyer with Abbotsann Allspice LRB
th     Kate Green with Wildcopse Quizz LRB
COM  Hilary Clarke with Henergy Moon Dust LRB
COM  Moira Robertson with Cynhinfa Norton of Downfarm LRD
COM  John Boyle with Drakeshead Clint LABD

1st     John Williamson with Tealcreek Isla GRB
nd     Chris Hutton with Birdsgreen Zakhele LRD
rd     Susan Wood with Lubbecke Melly LRB


A few words from one of the competitiors
Dear Katie
Just to say thank you to you and your helpers at the Novice Test today. The day seemed to run like clockwork and we just about managed to beat the weather. It was a lovely ground from both a dogs perspective and also for the handler and spectators. I was very pleased to win with my dog against a good field of competitors and thank you so much for the generous prize. I wish the club all the best for the rest of the year. Judy Venables.

Results of the Puppy/Novice/Open AV Spaniel Test on Sunday 25th March 2018
                      held at Faccombe Estate by kind permission of:
                                      Faccombe Estates Ltd
JUDGES:   Puppy:      Mrs Maureen Smith & Mr Adrian Bundy     
              Novice:     Mr Richard Preest & Mr Kevin Barraclough
   Mr Andrew Robinson & Mr Dave Templar
st  Dawn Newman with Santiam Bitzen CSD
nd  M Slingo with Gabertlegh Slingo CSB
rd  G Russell with Momardens Candycane CSB
th  Trevor May with Craigscourt Empire ESSD
COM  Dawn Newman with Cinnamon Flyer ESSD
COM  Phil Brown with Garneddisaf Rhian ESSD
COM  Dawn Brown with Garneddisaf Tecwyn ESSD

1st   Nigel Long with Knollspride Bonnie ESSB
nd  Al Portman with Beggarbush Indiana CSD
rd  Ray Titchener with Nimoway Jonti ESSD
th  John Robertson with Donnachaidh Black Opal CSD
COM  Annie Buckley with Scovellsway Flushing Heart ESSB  
COM  Simon Goddard with Crofton Flyte ESSD
COM  S Fisher with Shellspoon Do It Yourself ESSD
COM  Tony Pascoe with Helghyer Tegan CSB
1st   Paul Young with Avon Harrier Trigger ESSD
nd  John Crawford with Shadeoak Tracker ESSD
rd  June Bearman with Balisla Buckleberry of Briffoaks ESSB
th   Peter Willis with Gatekeeper Outlaw of Keldeb ESSD
COM  Danny Bryant with Countryways Macy of Fieldlines CSB
COM  June Bearman with Briffoaks Holly CSB
                              A special note form Katie Fraser
I would like to thank everybody for making the AV Spaniel Tests on Sunday
th March 2018 at Faccombe Estate such a great day. All tests ran concurrently on adjacent ground.
We started at 9.45 and were finished and cleared away by 3pm.
A massive thank you to the Estate for giving us this wonderful ground. To the judges:- Puppy - Maureen Smith & Adrian Bundy
           Novice - Richard Preest & Kevin Barraclough  
             Open - Andrew Robinson & Dave Templar
for setting and Judging such good tests.
For all the helpers, who as I always say these events would never be as successful without their help.
Also a large thank you to our sponsors Skinners & Mole Valley for their continued Support & Generosity lastly but not least the competitors for continuing to support Kintbury Gundog Club.
                                Thank you Katie Fraser


Our thanks to Jon Chamberlain for supplying these photo’s of the                                   winners and gallery
A testimonial from the test at Faccombe
Results of Stake-5 Novice Springer Spaniel Trial on Monday 29th January 2018
                    held at Spye Park. Lacock by kind permission of:
                             Spye Park Estate & Mr N Oliver
              Judges: Mr Wesley Thomas (2889) & Mrs Anita Jones (NP)
1st   Ian Flint with Dunbrigg Banksia (ESSD)

2nd Dave Templar with Countryways Baikey of Windrush

3rd Andrea Perrett with Aiteann Beagh of Clearmeadow

COM  Esther Cope with Nordmanni Ana Gracie

COM  Grant Branton with Thistle Crack Lucy
Again special thanks go to our host Spye Park Estates for allowing us to run this trial on some very challenging ground, a good day held by all who attended the trial.


         L-R Back row: Judges Anita Jones & Wesley Thomas.
  Front row: Award winners- Andrea Perret (COM), Dave Templar (2nd),
                               Ian Flint (1st) & Esther Cope (COM)

We would like to thank June Bearman & Dave Templar for allowing us to use these photographs of the awards     
               Results of Stake-4 Novice AV Spaniel Trial on Wednesday
             3rd January 2018 held at Highclere Estate by kind permission of:

                         The Earl of Carnarvon and Mr Eddie Hughes

                 Judges: Mr Simon Jones (2807) & Mr Steve Brankin (NP)
1st  Lenny Wingfield with Borrikanni Flush
2nd  Peter Amor with Windewithe Double Dealer
rd  Jeff McAndrew with Tyn-y-wyn Cariad
th  Kit Williams with Calderbridge Willow
COM  Roger Wooldridge with Gwerthonor Hurricane
COM  Ieuan Merriman with Kentely Bell of Tonyfrail
COM  John Cook with Killyvocca Rey of Flintwood
COM  Kevin Haywood with Crispico Coos
COM  Wayne Swiggs with Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood

Once again an excellent trial held at Highclere Estate by our host The Earl of Carnarvon. Our special thanks go to Eddie Hughes and his team of helpers who always produce the perfect days trialling for the competitors and the gallery to watch.

Puppy winner Dawn Newman
    Novice Winner Nigel Long
      Open Winner Paul Young
 Competitors in the gallery
Chairman Ken Rolfe with his
young advisor Emilie
Open winner John Williamson
with his dog Tealcreek Isla

      Winner Ian Flint with
         Dunbrigg Banksia

Competitors Andrea Perrett & Dave Templar

Guns, Competitors & the gallery heading back

    Competitor Chris Green

Winner Lenny Wingfield with    Borikanni Flush & Judges

We would like to thank Val Maskell and Lenny Wingfield for supplying these photos of the trial and allowing us to use them on the website.

  Winner Lenny Wingfield, with all the award winners and      Judges at Highclere

The award winners of the Novice & Open Test with the judges