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KC ID 704
President: Mr Harry Henderson
Est. 1987
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  Results 2019/20 Season
              Results of the ESS Open Trial on 30th October 2019
held at Mapledurham Estate by kind permission of:

                          Mapledurham Estate and Michael Phillips

st  Mr Lenny Wingfield with Calderbridge Karlie
2nd  Ms Esther Cope with Nordmannana Gracie
3rd  Mr David Templar with Countryways Railey of Windrush
4th  Ms Karen Pinker with Dunbrigg Daffodil also Guns Choice
COM  Mr David Templar with Countryways Blueberry
COM  Mr Martin Ashman with Tascroft Snake
COM  Mr Angelo Le Curto with Cowarnecourt Keisha
COM  Mr Maurice Stanbury with Bucklawren Luna of Stockingford
COM  Ms Marion Emery with Palmarron Eclipse

                                   Winner Lenny Wingfield (R)

                              Award winners with the judges
June Bearman Writes: “Kintbury Gundog Club held a very successful trial at Mapledurham Estate. The standard of dogs was very good. The going was hard for the dogs as the cover was mainly thick bramble and bracken, plenty of birds although the dogs had to work for the birds. Great team of guns again thanks to Michael Phillips Head Game Keeper. A really enjoyable trial and the weather was kind.”
Results of the Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial on Tuesday 19th November 2019

                     Held at Eling Estate by Kind permission of:

                                           Mr C Spence
            Judges: Mr Jeremy Organ (A2063) and Mr Steve Brankin (NP)

1st Martin Deacon with Heathcroft Amber of Wool Pitts
2nd Graham Thompson with Eightwalks Little Owl of Eysey Beck

3rd Richard Biggs with Follyview Fizz of Creccamarsh

4th June Bearman with Briffoaks Holly

COM  Kevin Barraclough with Rylewdon Eloise & The Steve Vale Memorial         Shield

COM  Pheobe Watkins with Rhubarb April Fool

COM  Richard Bunyan with Gelart Atcas of Pigginwick -

COM  Graham Watkins with Woodash Eejit & Guns Choice

COM  Paul Smith with Heigher Hongera

COM  Rob Wilmott with Rock and Roll Bob  

   Award winners & Judges

                                                 Novice Winner Martin Deacon

 Results of the Open Cocker Spaniel Trial on Monday 18th November 2019
                       Held at Eling Estate by kind permission of:

                                          Mr C Spence

         Judges: Mr Jeremy Organ (A2063) & Mr John Keegan (A2858)

1st   Nick Gregory with Windwith Winter Night
2nd  Geoff Shaw with Hestmoor Estate
3rd  Tony Brown with Pathfields Chubby
4th   M Burr with Nettlebridge Aquarius

COM  J Robertson with Timsgarry Alphine

COM  J Thompson with FTCH Brillscote Blackberry
COM  Ian Openshaw with Endowood Florence

Winner of the Open Cocker stake
Mr Nick Gregory

Results of the Novice Springer Spaniel Trial on Tuesday 10th December 2019

                 Held at Mapledurham Estate by kind permission of:

                                   Mapledurham Estates

                     Judges:  Martin Ashman & Richard Bunyan

1st  Lenny Wingfield with Rixtonmoss Rihanna also receiving
 Guns Choice

2nd Alice Wise with Woodabudge Oynx

3rd Craig Killpack with Woodabudge Melody

COM Dawn Newman with Corner Marsh Cristo
COM Alice Wise with Kilhope Rosie Louise of Woodabudge
COM J R Cook with Nederscot Sport of Flintwoid
COM Martin Bell with Endersleigh Indie
COM Tommy Giles with Houghgreen Spring Fawn  
COM Amanda Spruce with Beanhill Nights Watch
COM S Lines with Countryways Jordan
June Bearman said: ‘Kintbury Gundog Novice ESS had a good day at Mapledurham Estate, ground was challenging, the dogs & handlers had to work to find the birds as the cover was varied. The competitors made the day very enjoyable, good banter. Difficult at times for the guns but they rose to the challenge and provided some good shooting’.

          Winner Lenny Wingfield (centre) with award winners & Judges

Results of the AV Retriever Trial on Tuesday 22nd October 2019                       held at Faccombe Estate by kind permission of:

                              Faccombe Estates & Mr Bob Heaver
st  Not awarded

nd Clare Baker with Fordbank Oaksey..Owner Paul Green

rd Not awarded

        Results of the Novice AV Spaniel on Wednesday 8th January 2020

                   Held at Mapledurham Estate by kind permission of:

                                       Mapledurham Estates

                     Judges:  Gordon Bowers & Lenny Wingfield

st  Steve Bolton with Dashbrook Perserverance

nd  Naomi Parsons with Halaze Venture of Sasanque

rd  Alice Wise with Kilhopemoss Rosie Louise of Woodabudge

th  Peter Amor with Windwithe Double Dealer

COM  Steve Lines with Countryways Jordan

COM  Neil Turner with Lynchside Alderflower

COM  Neil Turner with Lynchside Harpy Eagle

COM  Amanda Spruce with Beanhill Nightswatch

COM  Alice Wise with Woodabudge Onyx

Guns Choice was awarded to:
Brody Chequer with Bogswater Chipstix of Chequersmate

June Bearman Spaniel Trial Secretary said: Another successful trial at Mapledurham Estate on the 8th January 2020. Ground and birds challenging, very good atmosphere, competitors enjoyed Kintbury’s hospitality with hot drinks and soup after the trial was over. A very enjoyable day with all. Sorry forgot to take any pics as award winners wanted to miss the traffic.
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