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Est. 1987
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Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November 2016 saw the Kintbury Annual Open and Novice Cocker Trials held at their traditional venue, Eling Park Estate, Hermitage, Berkshire. The venue was kindly donated by Mr C Spence and ably organised by his headkeeper, Mr Steve Vale.

Monday the 21st saw the two-day event begin with the Open Cocker Stake under judges Mr Steve Russell and  Mr Terry Frost.

As the field moved off, the light rain eased and, though very wet underfoot, the trial began. Following tradition, it started in a pit through a mix of bramble and nettle. The two dogs that began the trial, quickly found and flushed cleanly. The guns, as usual at this event, dropped virtually every bird that flushed, missing  precious little. From the pit, the trial continued down a belt of mature trees, interspersed with holly and laurel bushes. When the leg was completed with little problem the dogs were set to run in the main wood.

The even dogs began with a shortage of cover, but as the trial moved further into the woodland, cover came in abundance. The dogs having to face heavy bramble and stick piles, birds could be seen running on in front, causing them to congregate when patches of cover occurred. The abundance of pheasants in these concentrations of cover caused the undoing of several of the dogs.

And then, about halfway through the trial, the heavens opened and the rain came down in with a vengeance, and remained throughout the day. The heavy rain seemed to make the birds reluctant to flush, but as the trial changed ground to patches of heavier bramble cover, the absence of birds was more than made up for by the abundance of rabbits.

The judges were unanimous in their decision and no run off was called for; the eventual winner, Mr Richard Preest’s Centrewalk Piccolo had two strong runs, backed up by more than capable retrieves.


1st R. Preest Centrewalk Piccolo

2nd G. Davies Heolybwich Denman

3rd N. Cannon Countryways Alice of Craiwarn

4th P. Avery Deepfleet Decus

CoMs S. Brewer Ardcaen Fall of Delphaven

K. Powell Jackshea Liz of Poolgreen

A. Waterhouse Samsirs Union Jack (also awarded Guns’ Choice)

Day 2 – Novice Cockers

The next day, Tuesday 22nd, was the turn of the novice dogs, running under judges Dai Ormond and S Hood, which, despite a damp start, the weather brightened and held for the duration of the trial. The novice dogs ran on the same ground as the open dogs, and despite the heavy rain of the previous day, it was a credit to Mr Steve Vale, headkeeper, game was more than plentiful. Learning from the lack of cover in certain areas the previous day, the field shifted further to the right and took in more of the available cover than was there for the open dogs.

Again, there was some bunching of birds at the end of each leg, but the novice dogs seemed to cope with this a little better than the open dogs. When the trial switched ground there was once more an abundance of rabbits sitting out in the brambles and some of these proved the undoing of some of the more inexperienced dogs.

The trial concluded with no run offs and Mr R. Henry’s dog, Howeskye Bertie took the honours.

Once again the trials’ success was in the hands of Mr Steve Vale and his ability to have the confidence and organisation to run two trials back to back on the same ground worked very well. The club wishes to express their thanks for the preparation and background work required to make this possible.  Steve certainly shows his enthusiasm and interest in the little dogs, also thanks to his boss Mr C Spence, to allow him the time to carry this out.

Another mention must be made to Mr Spence for his choice of guns, as we all know guns can either make trials or break them. I think you could count on the thumbs of one hand the amount of birds that got away.


1st R. Henry Howeskye Bertie

2nd A. Watkins Cragtop Bomber

3rd J. Cross  Briffoaks Charlie



                                                                 Ron Henry Novice Winner

       Richard Preest Open Winner


On Wednesday 4th January Kintbury Working Gundog Club held its Novice AV Spaniel Trial at Highclere Estate, by kind permission of the Earl of Carnarvon and his headkeeper, Mr Eddie Hughes.

As usual, trials on this ground start in the beaters’ room of Highclere Castle with hot bacon rolls, courtesy of the hospitality of Mr Hughes.

After the initial briefing, the gallery moved off down the lane to the trial ground. Most of the ground consisted of thickish bramble, but all the novice dogs showed commitment and demonstrated that this was the type of ground that a modern spaniel was designed for.

Both judges, Mrs Margaret Cox and Mr Adrian Bundy, were impressed with the ground and it was ideal for handlers to show the abilities of their animals.

Birds flushed cleanly from the heavy cover and were dealt with by a very able team of guns. The dogs’ hunting abilities were of a very good standard, with most eliminations being caused by failure to find on retrieves, though to be fair, virtually every bird downed was, due to the weight of the cover, an unseen: this combined with the lack of wind inside the wood made a few dogs struggle. One or two of the dogs found this no handicap whatsoever, particularly Mr Sim’s dog, Cornermarsh James of Blaisedell, who performed a 50 yard unseen through thick cover, that any champion retriever handler would have been proud.

The trial concluded with two dogs tied by the judges marks: Mr B. Lowe with Syncerus Sparkle and Mr R. Sim with Cornermarsh James of Blaisedell. The judges called the handlers forward for a run off. The judges found it very difficult to choose the better of the two, but eventually Mr Low’s bitch proved the stronger of the two.

On the return to the castle, the assembled entourage were greeted with hot drinks, hot pasties and sausage rolls and a roaring fire, courtesy of Mr Eddie Hughes.

A fantastic, but hard day on ground, designed for spaniels. So, a special thank you to The Earl of Carnarvon and Mr Eddie Hughes for their generous hospitality.


1st Mr B. Lowe  Syncerus Sparkle

2nd Mr R. Sim  Cornermarsh James of Blaisedell (also Guns’ Choice)

3rd Ms J. Bearman  Briffoaks Holly

4th Ms S. Chichester Wiscombe Sloegasm

Coms Mr A. Watkins  Cragtop Bomber

Mr D. Tullie  Timsgarry Swallow

              L to R: R Simms, B Lowe, S Chichester and J Bearman

Results of the 14 Dog Novice Retriever Trial on Wednesday 25th January 2017
                            Held at Kirby Farm. Hungerford.

             Judges: Heather Bradley, Peter Castleman, Sarah Miles &
                         Vicky Shepard

1st   No first place was awarded
nd  Mike Fleming with Mitforton Nutmeg
rd  No third place was awarded
COM Julia Smith with Laborie Adorabella

Results of the Novice ESS Trial on Wednesday 16th January 2017

                 Held at Spye Park Estate by kind permission of:

                         Spye Park Estates & Mr N Oliver

            Judges; Mr Alex Badger (3267) & Mr Chris John (NP)

st   Mr James Bawden with Bawdenflight Blue Summer
nd   Mr Nick Cox with Loperwood Ernie

3rd   Mr Neil Brookman with Tynwaun Cariad also receiving Guns Choice
th   Ms Michelle Oseman with Beggarbsh Pride at Copseshill
COM  Ms Fran Spencer with Dumbleton Flyer
COM  Ms Julie Etherington with Valnew Hallebo at Wiltonsprings

Results of the Novice AV Spaniel Trial on Wednesday 4th January 2017
Held at Highclere Estate by kind permission of:

                     The Earl of Carnarvon & Mr Eddie Hughes

         Judges: Mrs Margaret Cox (3130) & Mr Adrian Bundy (NP)

st    B Lowe with Syncerus Sparkle

2nd   Ron Sims with Cornermarsh James of Blaisedell also receiving Guns Choice
rd  June Bearman with Briffoaks Holly
th   Sara Chichester with Wiscombe Sloegasm
COM  D Tullie with Timsgarry Swallow
COM  Alan Watkins with Cragtop Bomber

Photographs and a report on the trial to follow. Please read conditions regarding waivering of copyrights on photograph useage on the test /trial page.

      Results of the Novice Retriever Trial on Friday 30th December 2016

               Held at Faccombe Estate by kind permission of:

                       Faccombe Estates Ltd & Mr Paul Howard

               Judges: Di Harrison (1870), Mary Jane Opie (3040),
                           Isobel Whitford (NP) & Richard Edwards (NP)

1st     Not Awarded

2nd   Owner/Handler Mr John Keegan with Geordieland Rebel
3rd   Owner/Handler Annie Buckley with Scovellsway Royal Salute

4th   Owner/Handler Sarah Miles with Hawksrigg Balgaire of Meonvalley

A message from the Retriever Secretary: We would like to thanks not only the competitors for a wonderful day despite the foggy weather conditions but a heartfelt thanks to all the helpers at the trial as without them these trials could not go ahead to make these days successful and enjoyable by all.
If any photos were taken at the trial please contact our webmaster Bryn via the contacts page.

Results of the Open Cocker Spaniel Trial on Monday 21st November 2016
held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:

                               Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

                   Judges: Mr Steve Russell (2765) & Mr T Frost (B3084)

st  Richard Preest with FTCH Centrewalk Piccolo CSB
nd  Gareth Davies with Heloywich Denman CSD
rd  Natalie Cannon with FTCH Countryways Alice of Craiwarn CSB
th  Peter Avery with Deepfleet Decus CSD
COM  S Brewer with Ardcaen fall of Delphaven CSD
COM  Kevin Powell with Jackshea Liz of Poolgreen CSB

We would just like to wish Richard every success in the championship

Results of the Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial on Tuesday 22nd November 2016
                   held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:

                               Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

                 Judges: Mr Dai Ormond (2064) & Mr S Hood (N/P)

st  Ron Henry with Howeskye Bertie CSD
nd Alan Watkins with Cragtop Bomber CSB
rd John Cross with Briffoaks Charlie CSD

Results of the Open ESS Trial on Friday 14th October 2016  
held at Hartham Park Estate by kind permission of:

                             Hartham Park Estate & Mr Glynn Smith

                     Judges: Mr D Chudley (1849) & Mr J Starkey (B3478)

st   Jeff McAndrew with Tyn-Y-Waun Pearl ESSB
nd   Steve Russell with Rydanlue Knockout ESSB
rd   Margaret Cox with Ftch Marshwood Rhona of Carkees ESSB
th   D Lanfear with Hillfighter Pennines
COM  David Hodgson with Kilhopemoss Pepperpot ESSB
COM  Peter Avery with Deepfleet Sanchez ESSB
COM  Simon Jones with Bucklawren Krusoe ESSD
COM Val Kidner with Rambling Ivy ESSB

We would just like to wish Jeff every success in the Championship
                       KINTBURY OPEN ESS STAKE

Kintbury Gundog Club held its Open ESS Qualifying Trial, the first in their 2016-2017 season, on Friday 14th October at Hartham Park, Chippenham. The venue was provided by kind permission of Hartham Euridge Sports LLP and the keeper Mr Glynn Smith.

The day started dull and damp but brightened to a very warm day as the trial progressed.

The stake was run in a mix of game cover and woodland under judges Mr David Chudley and Mr James Starkey. Although still early in the pheasant season the birds flushed cleanly and flew strongly. The early dogs ran in a mix of grass cover and maize strips, some dogs struggled to cope with more open rows of the maize and the abundance of birds running on in front of them.

When the trial moved into the wood the birds held tighter and flushes came steadily, the thick foliage and cover causing the guns a few problems and a few flew on saluted but unscathed.

Once out of the woods the trial moved to wide belts of mature trees and bramble undergrowth. Again the birds flushed cleanly and flew out of the belts making easier shooting for the guns placed along the outside of the belts. The pheasants came in a steady supply and were shot to fall on open cultivated ground, giving the remaining dogs relatively easy retrieves.

The trial ended with little deliberation from the judges and the trial declared over. The winner, Tyn-Y-Waun Pearl, owned and handled by Jeff McAndrew, had certainly read her job description and carried it out with style. The club would like to express their best wishes to Jeff and Pearl, and every success in the Championship.




           Winner Jeff McAndrew with Tyn-y-waun Pearl


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Results of Stake-2 Open Cocker Spaniel Trial on Monday 20th November 2017                       held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:
                             Mr C Spence & Mr K Marcham
         Judges: Mr G Devine Jones (3180) & Mr A Waterhouse (B3543)

st  Ms Natalie Cannon with FTCH Countryways Alice of Craiwarn
2nd  Mr Gareth Davies with Heolybwich Denman
3rd  Mr Nick Gregory with Misslechalk Nettle
4th  Ms Ann Kedward with Tautaval Kirsty at Shaigmore
COM  Mr Gareth Davies with Heolybwich Red Rum
COM  Mr Ron Henry with Howskye Bertie
COM  Mr Alex Hayes with Timsgarry Jinx

Results of Stake-3 Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial on Tuesday 21st November 2017                      held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:

                            Mr C Spence & Mr K Marcham

             Judges: Mr G Devine-Jones (3180) & Mr R Titchener

1st  Ms Sam Thatcher with Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae
2nd J Atkinson with Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook
3rd  P Smith with Uelguer Hongera
4th  Alex Hayes with Chyknell Susan
COM  Tom Philips with Lowallan Lorcan
COM  Andrea Perrett with Corndown Silk of Clearmeadow
COM  Kevin Barraclough with Rylewdon Clay

If anyone has photo’s of these events please contact webmaster on this link, An appreciation note will support the photo’s.
     Results of Stake-1 Open AV Spaniel Trial on Monday 30th October 2017
held at Corton Manor Farm by kind permission of:

                    Mr & Mrs Maynard, Steve Brankin & Lance Williams

          Judges: Mr Will Clulee (2029) & Mr Kevin Barraclough (B3278)

1st  Mr Jeremy Organ with Mulraven Meclaress of Cindersash,
      also receiving Guns Choice
2nd  Ms Victoria Williams with FTCH Sycnerus Sublime
3rd  Mr John Smith with Skylark Spice


              Results of the AV Spaniel Test on Sunday 24th April 2016                     held at Faccombe Estate by kind permission of:

                                      Faccombe Estates Ltd

Judges: Puppy stake - Mrs Maureen Smith & Mr Adrian Bundy
            Novice stake - Mrs Lyn Randall & Mr Geoff Shore
 Open Stake - Mr Martin Ashman & Mr Simon Blackman


1st   Mr Paul Nims with Alfie Garsden of Tealsway ESSD
nd  Mr Michael Prytherch with Jarakstar IPA ESSD
rd   Mr Dan Parsons with Scovellsway Flushing Heart ESSB
th   Mr Peter Amor with Breckmarsh Elizabeth CSB
COM  Mr Chris Green with Colcourt Comet ESSD
COM  Ms Julie Thatcher with Sugarbullet Jetta ESSB


1st   Mr Robin Sims with Cornermarsh James of Blaisedell ESSD
nd   Mr Andrew Spicer with Henrietta of South Moreton ESSB
rd   Mr Kim Barnes with Mooncourt Black Vallis CSD
th   Mrs Al Portman with Broomerplace Apache CSD
COM  Miss Bronwyn James with Kentelv Knight of Tynybryn
COM  Mr Chris Green with Conholthill Cressida ESSB
COM  Mr Stephen Fisher with Fordrock Sage ESSB
COM  Mrs June Bearman with Briffoaks Holly CSB
COM  Mr Paul Smith with Helghyer Hongera CSD


1st   Ms Julia Griffiths with Tiptop Jack Moet CSD
nd  Ms Fran Spencer with Dumbleton Flyer ESSD
rd   Mrs June Bearman with Balisla Buckleberry of Briffoaks ESSB
th   Mr Martin Ings with Huckleswood Pimpernel ESSD
COM  Ms Julie Thatcher with Shallowoakwest Shadey ESSD
COM  Mr Jeff Roberts with Bronberllan Megan ESSB
COM  Mr Jeff Roberts with Bronberllan Iola ESSB
COM  Mrs June Bearman with Casblaidd Pippin CSB

Please click here for a full report and some photos of the Spaniel Test also note the report is in PDF format

Results of the Spring Test for AV Retrievers on Sunday 17th April 2016                                       held at Hamstead Park

1st   Mr Keith Manley with Lenyam Solaway FCR D
nd   Mrs Moira Robertson with Cynhinafa Norton of Downfarm LAB D
rd   Mss Karen Handley with Sunstar Cadwell at Peterspond LAB D
th   Ms Isobel Whitford with Eustna Clover of Bellaroyal LAB B


1st   Miss Gillian Yates with Lubbecke Royal Sapphire LAB B
nd   Mr John Read with Lenyam Jay Bee LAB B
rd   Mrs Jane Manley with Lenyam Justintime LAB


   Stake 4 Novice ESS Trial on Wednesday 20th January 2016
         held at Spye Park. Lacock by kind permission of:

                         Spye Park Estates & Mr N Oliver
              Judges: Mr Stuart Morgan (2725) & Mr Ray Titchener (NP)

st  Ms V Kidner with Rambling Ivy ESSB
nd Mr Martin Ashman with Kenquartz Exotic ESSD
rd Mr M Griffiths with Parkmeadow Mayfly ESSB
th Mrs Esther Cope with Nordmanniana Gracie ESSB
COM A Holland with Earbsa Breac ESSB
COM Mr Paul Young with Avonharrier Trigger ESSD
COM Mr Charles Hard with Hawkridge Calli ESSB
COM J Roberts with Bronberllan Megan ESSB

  Winner Ms V Kidner with      ESSB Rambling Ivy at
     Spye Park



    Stake 3 AV Retriever Trial on Thursday 7th January 2016
held at Faccombe Estate by kind permission of:

                          Faccombe Estates & Mr Paul Howard
            Judges: Mr Mark Bettison (1836), Mr James Bettison (2893)
                        Ms Wendy Glue (NP) & Ms Sarah Cole (NP)

st  Mr Basil Smith with Wellsummer Chianti of Highshot
nd Mr John Barnes with Deerbridge Faro  
rd  N/A
th  N/A

    Stake 3 Open ESS Trial on Wednesday 6th January 2016             held at Highclere Estate by kind permission of:

                    The Earl of Carnarvon and Mr Eddie Hughes

                  Judges: Mr D Rayner (2771) & Mr G Davies (3136)

st  B Wade with Digariad Eirwen of Delflush ESSB
nd  S Bates with Parkmeadow Tara ESSB
rd  R Biggs with Creccemarsh Ricochet ESSD
th  A Faulkner with Edgegrove Opal ESSB
COM  K John with Tylacoch Sally ESSB
COM  J Luxford with Parkmeadow Leo ESSD
COM  R Titchener with Nimoway Girl ESSB
COM  P Williams with Brockfern Breeze ESSB
COM  D Dugay with Bryngwrhyd Bruno ESSD
COM  S Blackman with Tygore Klass ESSB
COM  P Johnson with Boundarymoor Lily of Merebrow ESSB
COM  A Wise with Rosebay Harmony ESSB
Guns Choice went to S Parsons with Palmarrion Bucchaner of Springcopse


Any photographs or further information on the Trials will be put on the website as they become available

Stake 2 -16 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial on Tuesday 24th November                 2015 Held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:

                            Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale
         Judges: Mr Roy Ellershaw (2766) & Mr Jamie Luxford (NP)
1st   Place was not awarded
nd  Mr Tony Goodhew with Downbarn Willow CSB
rd  Mr Kevin Barraclough with Centrewalk Flute of Rylewdon CSB
th  Ms Ester Cope with Centrewalk Cedar CSD
COM  Mr R Wilmott with Chilly of the Mountain CSB

 Stake 1-16 Dog Open Cocker Spaniel Trial on Monday 23rd November 2015
Held at Eling Park Estate by kind permission of:

                            Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale  

Judges: Mr Roy Ellershaw (2766) & Mr Brian Wade (B3278)

1st     Mr Will Clulee with Tembokali Selous CSD
nd  Mr Ian Openshaw with Mallowdale Midge CSB
rd  Mr Dave Rayner with FTCH Woodash Quaver CSB
th  Mr J Davies with Tudorbriar Swift CSB
COM Ms Hazel Crockford with Fordrock Dusty Thorn CSB
COM Ms Natilie Cannon with Countryways Alice of Craiwarn CSB
COM Mr J Davies with Dolbrenin Geisha Girl CSB
If there are any reports, further information or photos on the Trials they will be put on the website if available.

      Stake 1-16 Dog Open Cocker Spaniel Trial at Eling Park on
           Monday 24th November 2014 by kind permission of:

                      Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

             Judges: Mr Chris Thurston-Woolnough (2015)
                          & Mr Kevin Barraclough (B3278)

st Mr C Colclough with Gibbletore Tyson CSD

2nd Ms N Cannon with Countryways Alice of Craiwarn  CSB

3rd Mr A Waterhouse with Samsirs Union Jack CSD

4th Mr N Harris with Nicaris Moody Minx CSB

COM Mr C Colclough with Chyknell Eagle CSD  

COM Ms S Blackman with Killylin Lace CSB

COM Mr N Harris with Nicaris Carter Dan CSD

COM Mr R Preest with Centrewalk Piccolo CSB

COM Mr R Preest with Wonder of Wiltshire at Centrewalk CSD

      Stake 2-16 Dog Open ESS Spaniel Trial at Eling Park on
Tuesday 25th November 2014 by kind permission of:

                       Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

              Judges: Mr Chris Thurston-Woolnough (2015)
                          & Mr J D Sowerby (B2999)

1st Mr S Bates with FTCH Parkmeadow Clover
nd Mr M Watson with Gaberlunzie Tina of Wrenmarsh
rd Ms J Thatcher with Shallowoakwest Shady
th Mr J Cook Cherygal Light
COM & Guns Choice Mrs V Maskell with Mervalyn Maple
COM Mr D Lloyd with Bryngrhyd Beatrix
COM Mr T Steadman with Alkindia Broom of Topcourt
COM Mr P Wilson with Woodash Nuggett of Morgannwg
COM Mr S Russell with Rydanlue Kaleidoscope

 Stake 1- All Aged AV Retriever Trial at West Woodhay Estate on

        Tuesday 9th December 2014 by kind permission of:

                   Mr Harry Henderson & Mr D Barton

     Judges: Mr Nick Coates (2223), Mr Ron Jeffery (2293)

                Mr Roger Wade (1704) & Miss Liz Smith

st Isobel Whitford with Belleroyal Chillie Pepper

2nd Heather Walton with Cantabrica Indian Queen

3rd Julie Kelvie with Willowyck Tank from Streamcombe

4th Laurie Pittaway with Crystal Stream Black Beauty

Stake 3-16 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial at Highclere Estate on

        Wednesday 7th January 2015 by kind permission of:  

            The Earl of Carnarvon and Mr Eddie Hughes

         Judges: Mr M Deacon (2242) & Mr C Linney (NP)

1st Mr D Rayner with Chyknell Warbler of Woodash CSD

2nd Ms J Ward with Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook CSD

3rd Mrs E Kennard with Braebeake Amor CSD

4th Mr A Waterhouse with Samsirs Eavan CSB

Winner Dave Rayner

With Chyknell Warbler of Woodash
at the Novice Cocker
Trial at Highclere



      Stake 4 - 16 Dog Novice  Spaniel Trial at Spye Park on
          Monday 26th January 2015 by kind permission of:

                     Spye Park Estates & Mr N Oliver

      Judges: Mr Guy Stubbings (2805) & Mr Glynn Smith (NP)

1st Mr Paddy Williams with Brockfern Breeze
nd Mr Peter Moruzzi with Barcudwen Saffron
rd Mrs Maureen Smith with Balisla Dena
4 th & Gun Choice Mr Richard Heseltine with Barcudwen Bolshie
COM Mr John Keegan with Geordieland Tsar
COM Mr Michael Reader with Digariad Domino Dulcie
COM Mr Trevor May with Buccleuch Baron
COM Mr Melvin Jacques with Yorkdale Saint


  Winner Paddy Williams dog

  Brockfern Breeze sitting    proudly by his trophy


Well done Paddy on your win at the ESS Novice Trial at Spye Park

Stake 2 -14 Dog Novice Retriever Trial at Faccombe Estate on
          Thursday 8th January 2015 by kind permission of:

               Faccombe Estates Ltd & Mr Paul Howard

         Judges: Mr John Birkett (10), Mr Graham Roberts (1907)
                     Mr Robert Morrell and Mrs Sue Berman

1st Mrs Fiona Joint with Hullabaloo Whiskymac
nd Mrs Sarah Miles with Cappa Bleu of Meon Valley

COM Ms Mary Jane Opie with Studebaker Buggati

COM Miss Rachel Dawson with Fallowpark Hollyhock

Thanks to Sue and all the helpers who give up there time at the
Retriever Trials



If you have any photographs taken at this event which you would like put on, just email me a note with the photographs as an attachment and that you are prepared to release your copyright of those photos giving Kintbury permission and full use of them then please contact me via this webmaster link, you will also receive recognition for supplying the photos. Thankyou, your webmaster