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Kintbury Gundog Club
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President: Mr Harry Henderson
Est. 1987
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Kintbury & District Gundog Club was formed in 1987 and was at the time, only for gundog enthusiasts living within 6 miles of Kintbury, but in only a short time it was obvious that we would have to increase the radius as the club became more and more popular.

Since then we have grown into one of the largest clubs in the south of England. With around 400 members from all parts of the country including Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it was decided in 2006 to simplify the name to Kintbury Gundog Club.

Just as the membership has increased over the years so have our activities. We hold novice and open gundog tests and trials for ESS and Cocker Spaniels, we also have novice dog and Novice Dog/Novice Dog Novice Handler tests and trials for Retrievers.

Every year at Highclere Castle we host what is possibly the largest Inter-Club match in the UK, where as many as ten clubs compete, each entering a team of three dogs. All the dogs are judged on their hunting, retrieving and waterwork. This has grown into a very popular and social event. With the spectacular setting of Highclere Castle offering the best views of the dogs in action it is an ideal introduction for newcomers to the sport to see some of the best dogs and handlers in competition.  

The Organisers of Newbury Show and other local events ask us to put on demonstrations for the public each year, appearances at these events allow us to give the best advice on buying a dog from a reputable breeder and to show potential handlers what can be achieved with the correct training.

On the first Sunday of every month we meet at West Woodhay Village Hall (10am) where we hold training sessions for all types of gundogs. All are welcome no matter what stage of training they are at, or what they are being trained for, (the gun or just as a well behaved walking companion).

We also welcome people who have not got a gundog yet but would like one, we can then show them what is involved in owning, and training a gundog and more importantly they get the right breed that suits them and their lifestyle.

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