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President: Mr Harry Henderson
Est. 1987
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  Spaniel & Retriever Field Trial & Test Results 2013

           Open ESS Trial held at The Middleton Estate on
           Monday 14th October 2013 by kind permission of:

                       Mr R Wills & Mr J Strickland

     Judges: Mr Peter Jones (1981) & Mr Elvin Thomas (2184)

1st  Steve Bates with Liechryd Tia (ESSB)
nd Chris Thurston-Woolnough with FTCH Carvear Gwalather of   
     Underway (ESSD)
rd Richard Bramwell with Finno Sam of Rowansbourne (ESSD)
th Peter Avery with Tregerest Teal of Deepfleet (ESSB)
COM Kevin John with Tylacoch Sally (ESSB)
COM Jeremy Organ with FTCH Rothievale Ling of Edgegrove (ESSB)
COM Lee Cooper with Edwardiana Briar (ESSB)
COM Keith Drinkwater with Woodash Cameo (ESSB)
COM Steve Bates with Parkmeadow Clover (ESSD)
COM Kelly Ward with Talsbrook Shanti (ESSB)
COM Richard Preest with Gatekeeper Meg of Centrewalk (ESSB)

Congratulations to Liechryd Tia who became FTCH with handler Steve Bates.

Novice Retriever Trial at Adbury Park Farm on
           Monday 28th October 2013 by kind permission of:

                 Mr Stephen Skipworth & Mr Joe Smith

Judges: Mr Rupert Hill (60) Mr  Keith Sandercock (2498)
            Mr John Hodge (NP) & Mr Anthony Eldred (NP)

st Jim Christon with Froebelhouse Rihanna
nd Julie Kelvin with Streamcombe Tay
rd Heather Walton with Cantabrica Indian Queen
th Karen Lester with Willowcreek Swift
COM Susie Zarpanely with Chisbrook Jake at Kewpond
COM Sue Berman with Suthcharic Isla

        Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial held at Eling Park on
        Monday 25th November 2013 by kind permission of:

                      Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

Judges: Mr Walter Harrison (1974) & Mrs Hazel Crockford (NP)

1st No first place was awarded
nd Ms Esther Cope with Centrewalk Cedar (CSB)
rd Jamie Thatcher with Tiptop jack Spiral (CSB)
th T Pascoe with Golden Caramel Kestrel (CSB)
COM S Hall with Zulu Nutmeg (CSB)

           Open Cocker Spaniel Trial held at Eling Park on
       Tuesday 26th November 2013 by kind permission of:

                 Mr C Spence & Mr Steve Vale

Judges: Mr Jeff Ayres (2914) & Mr Alex Badger (B3267)

1st No first place was awarded
nd G West with FTCH Wetlands Spice of Leeglen (CSB)
rd A Skinner with Glenugies of Murrayeden (CSB)
COM J Luxford with Trochry Ceilmor of Howestyne (CSB)

         Novice Retriever Trial held at West Woodhay Estate on
             Monday 9th December 2013 by kind permission of:

Judges: Mr Barry Taylor (1633) Mr Colin Pelham (2681)
            Mrs Annie Buckley (NP) & Mr Alan Buckland (NP)

1st Mrs Laurie Pittaway with Crystlstream Black Beauty
nd Ms S Miles with Tippsey Girl of Meonvalley
rd Mrs Karen Lester with Willowcreek Swift
COM Mr P Clayton with Gameflight Lorenzo

             Novice Retriever Trial held at Mount Orleans Farm on
            Thursday 19th December 2013 by kind permission of:

           Judges:  Mr Peter Bates, Mr Jamie Bettison
                        Mr Mark Bettison & Mrs Wendy Glue

                   There were No Awards given at all

The Retriever Working Test held at Conholt Park Estate on         Saturday 11th May 2013 by kind permission of:

           The Vlissingden Family & Mr Chris Green

Judges: Mr Colin Pelham (2681), Mr Peter Castleman (1846)
             Mr A Buckland (NP) & Mrs A Buckley (NP)

1st place Mrs Wendy Neville with Solstice Coxford
nd place Mr B Chesser with Gunnerheath Fern
rd place Miss T Driscoll with Borwickhall Cosimo
th place Mr A Stock with Highway Black Scout
COM Mrs S Eatwell with Wootton Spice

st place Mrs S Wood with Longcopse RIpple
nd place Mrs J Bearman with Ino Nothing
rd place  Mr D England with Lubbeck Queen of Hearts of Abney
th place Mr K Green with Hoffbank Mr Chips


The Open winners     and Judges



The Novice winners

          and Judges


      These Photographs were taken by Aviva Franco who kindly       allowed us to use them

The Annual Interclub Match held at Adbury Park Estate on             Sunday 21st April 2013 by kind permission of:

               Mr Stephen Skipworth & Mr Joe Smith
                Judges: Mr Tony Gill, Mr Dai Lloyd &
                             Mr Peter Castleman

1st place Mid Sussex Working Spaniel Club with 379 points
Alastair Ross with FTCH Shalloakwest Stag ESSD
Brian Wade with FTCH Shalloakwest Ellie ESSB
Stewart Seward with Shalloakwest Shygirl ESSB

nd place Duchy Working Gundog Club with 363 points
D G Holbrook with Aveegotun Blue Moon CSD
M McNally with Aveegotun Hooligan CSD
C Kemp with Kendeci Rising Star ESSB

rd place Cornwall Field Trial Society with 360 points
Alice Wise with FTCH Edwardiana Bubble of Woodabudge ESSB
Louise Burnell with Halaze Paprika ESSB
Margaret Cox with Marshwood Rhona of Carkees ESSB

Award for the Best all Round Dog went to Andy Faulkner from the West Dartmoor Working Gundog Club with Dancing Freddie ESSD

Congratulations go to Mid-Sussex Working Spaniel Club for an outstanding win

Special thanks to
Skinners Pet Foods for kindly donating the prizes of dog food to the winning team


       The winning Mid-Sussex team                                                                

      Alastair Ross, Brian Wade &                      Andy Faulkner from the West
       Stewart Seward                                      from the West Dartmoor Team                                                                   won the Best all Round dog Trophy          

The three winning teams L-R. 2nd place Duchy Working Gundog Club,       

Centre: The winning Team Mid-Sussex Working Gundog Club & 3rd place winners

 Cornwall Gundog Society


L-R. Kintbury’s Vice Chairman/General Secretary            

Jon Chamberlain with Judges Dai Lloyd, Tony Gill &            Cornwall Field Trial

Peter Castleman                                                         Societies 3rd place team,                                                                               Alice Wise, Louise Burnell                                                                                   & Margaret Cox                              

Kintbury Gundog Club Annual Interclub-match 2013

This year saw the Interclub-match move to the new venue of Adbury Park by kind permission of the Skipworth family and Headkeeper Mr Joe Smith.

After a week of very mixed weather, the club could not have wished for a better day, sunshine all the way.

The days competition consisted of a hunt-up with a seen retrieve followed by a blind. The ground was almost perfect spaniel country with brambles (not to thick) and reeds giving the judges (Mr Dai Lloyd and Mr Tony Gill) plenty of chance to see the dogs really hunt. With two runs, one under each judge, that sorted out test’s one and two.

The water test, under judge Peter Castleman, consisted of two ponds with a path running between them. For the first run there was a seen retrieve on the pond and the second was a blind up the path with a jump on the way out and back. That sorted “the men from the boys” seeing some teams lose the advantage at this point.

The scores at the end were close but the Mid Sussex team won with a clear 16 point lead, leaving the 9 other teams tightly fighting for a place.

This was my first time representing Kintbury gundog club and it was great fun. Everybody enjoyed the day and the camaraderie was excellent. I hope everybody was as pleased with day as I was, and thank you to my fellow team members Kevin Barraclough and James Thatcher.

An especially big thanks must go to Jon Chamberlain who every year organises this event and this year saw a new challenge with a change of venue, and I think everybody will agree Jon and his team did a brilliant job, along with dummy throwers, stewards and guns. The catering wagon was very welcome to.

Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Katie Fraser

Novice AV Spaniel Trial held at Highclere Estate on
          Monday 21st January 2013 by kind permission of:

           The Earl of Carnarvon & Mr Eddie Hughes

Judges: Mr B Randall (2797) & Mr K Barraclough (NP3278)

1st place Lee Cooper with Nithvalley Lisa of Breckmarsh (ESSB)

2nd place Jeremy Organ with Rothievale Medlar of Edgegrove (ESSD) also receiving Guns Choice

3rd place Jeff Ayres with Miskinfern Megan (ESSB)

4th place Dave Templar with Clentohill Dusty (ESSD)

COM Roger Shepard with Merebrook Hotshot (ESSD)

COM Howard Kirby with Larford Lydd (CSD)

COM Valerie Maskell with Mervalyn Maple (ESSB)

COM Peter Willis with Gatekeeper Outlaw of Keldeb (ESSD)

COM James Thatcher with Tiptop Jack Spiral (CSB)

COM Nick Cox with Loperwood Destiny (ESSB)

Our HUGE THANKS go to head keeper Eddie Hughes for allowing this trial to go ahead. Despite the difficult weather conditions we had a great days trialling. Thanks also must be passed on to “Eddies helpers and stops” as a result of their efforts there was an ample supply of game.

The dogs worked the snowy ground thoroughly for their flushes that were tucked well in and the guns were on target giving every dog a chance to retrieve their birds. The quality of the dog work is reflected in the results, all the placing’s were awarded along with 6 COM’s. Izzie Malcolm representing Skinners Pet Foods came along to present the prizes and we thank them for their generous sponsorship.

Another HUGE THANKYOU must go to Ben Randall for stepping in at the last minute to judge for us. We really appreciate it.

And to all the competitors for braving the not so easy road conditions to come and run their dogs.

It wouldn’t happen without you.


        Winner Lee Cooper receiving his award from Skinners          representative Izzy Malcolm

                All the award winners, judges & Izzy Malcolm

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