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KC ID 704
President: Mr Harry Henderson
Est. 1987
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       2012 Results

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Novice AV Retriever Trial held at West Woodhay Estate on
    Wednesday 5th December 2012 by kind permission of :

                Mr Harry Henderson & Mr D Barton

Judges:  Heather Bradley (2431), Keith Broomfield (2214).
               Sue Berman (NP) & Diane Stevens (NP)

st place Mrs Ann Courtier with Endacott Plover (Lab B)

There were no 2nd, 3rd or 4th places awarded

COM awarded to Isobel Whitford with Bellaroyal          Summerbreeze

Special thanks go to Scats of Newbury for sponsoring this Trial

   Open Cocker Spaniel Trial held at Eling Park Estate on
      Tuesday 27th November 2012 by kind permission of:

                        Mr C Spence & Mr S Vale

Judges: Mr G West (149) & Mr S Seward (2612)

1st place Anita Jones with Centrewalk Willow of Episcopi (CSB)

2nd place Simon Tyres with Timsgarry Alpine (CSD)

3rd place Richard Preest with Centrewalk Moonshell (CSB)

4th place Nigel Partiss with Mallowdale Music of Tiptop Jack (CSB) also received Guns Choice

COM A Price with Tawnyhill  Niger (CSB)

COM James Luxford with Trochry Ceilimor of Howsyne (CSB)

 Novice Cocker Spaniel Trial held at Eling Park Estate on       Monday 26th November 2012 by kind permission of:

                         Mr C Spence & Mr S Vale

Judges: Mr M Colclough (1952) & Mr J Luxford (NP3440)

1st place not awarded

2nd place Mr C Morgan with Ffynonlas Onyx (CSB)

3rd place Nick Gregory with Randalyn Black Sky (CSB)

Guns Choice went to Dave Rayner with Woodash Quaver (CSB)

No COM’s were awarded

     Novice AV Retriever Trial held at Adbury Park Farm on
          Monday 29th October 2012 by kind permission of:

                Mr Stephen Skipworth & Mr Joe Smith

Judges: Mr John Birkett (10), Mr Peter Scott (2577)
              Mr Dave England (NP) & Mr Ken Green (NP)

1st    Allie Hogsbjerg with Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver        Labrador Dog
nd Sue Berman with Suthcharic Isla
      Labrador Bitch
rd James Christon with Froebel House Rihanna
      Labrador Bitch
COM Ann Courtier with Endacott Plover
         Labrador Bitch

Special thanks go to SCATS of Newbury for sponsoring this Trial.

      Open ESS Trial held at The Middleton Estate on
      Monday 15th October 2012 by kind permission of:

                    Mr R Wills & Mr J Strickland

  Judges: Mr Keith Carter (1945) & Mr Nick Gregory (3007)

1st Place Peter Moruzzi with Glanhowy Frankly Scarlett (B)
nd Place John Cook with FTCH Kenmar Dervla (B)
rd Place Sally Jenkins with Chinachgook Kahasi (D)
th Place Alice Wise with FTCH Edwardiana Bubble of
Woodabudge (B)
C of M Maurice Stanbury with Bucklawren Bridgeand of
Stockingford (D)
C of M Paul Hulin with Gatekeeper Florin also received Guns Choice (B)
C of M Mark Watson with Gaverlunzie Tina of Wrenmarsh (B)

Peter’s win today makes his dog up to FTCH, a brilliant achievement as this is his first dog and he has only been trialling for 3 years.
We wish him the very best of luck at the Championship.

The Annual Interclub Match held at Highclere Castle

       Sunday 22nd April 2012 by kind permission of

          The Earl of Carnarvon & Mr Eddie Hughes   
      Judges: Mr Jeremy Organ, Mr Walter Harrison &
                                Mrs A Buckley
1st place Leconfield Working Spaniel Club
Elizabeth James with Surefly Sweet Pea ESSB
Brian Wade with Shalloakwest Shadey ESSD
Stewart Seward, Shalloakwest Shygirl of Surefly ESSB

nd place Bristol & West Gundog Society
Dave Rayner with Halaze Oh Boy of Woodash ESSD
Richard Preest, Gatekeeper Meg of Centrewalk ESSB
Simon Jones, Bucklawren Brodie ESSB

3rd place Cornwall Gundog Society
Margaret Cox with Marshwood Rhona of Carkees ESSB
Louise Burnell with Halaze Paprika ESSB
Alice Wise with Woodabudge Elegant ESSB

Award for the Best all round Dog went to Dave Templar with
Beggarbush Dash of Candymead

Congratulations to Leconfield Working Spaniel Club on winning a very close contest with Bristol & West Gundog Society also to Dave Templar for winning the Best All Round Dog.

Kintbury Interclub Team Event

The 2012 Match was held as usual in the magnificent setting of Highclere Castle and Liz had been selected as Team Captain to run a team for The Leconfield Club.  The team consisted of Brian Wade running his own bred dog, Shalloakwest Shadey (Buzz), Liz running her young and exciting bitch Surefly Sweet Pea (Gracie) and myself running Shalloakwest Shy Girl of Surefly (Alice) who was also bred by Brian.

We arrived in good time as it is always nice to have a chat with friends and competitors at this event and we even had the luxury of the Leconfield Supporters’ Club who had turned out in earnest!  We made our way to the Marquee to find Ken Rolfe in charge of some of the hottest dogs he has ever had in his care and his bacon and burgers were to die for too.  The Judges were to be Jeremy Organ. Ben Randall and Anne Buckley but unfortunately, Ben couldn’t make the day due to family illness and so the search was on for a Senior Judge with wit, integrity, experience and wisdom.  This was going to be a tall order, but after a tour of Dorset’s care homes the problem was solved – WALTER HARRISON! – to the rescue.  The stage was set.

We all proceeded to the battlefield which was to be primarily a long strip of bracken in front of a large lake.  The test was to be a shot and dummy thrown forward which the dog was called away from and a further shot and the dog was then sent for a blind behind.  On completion, the dog was then sent for what was now a memory, being the first dummy to be thrown.  There was then also to be a water retrieve, judged by Anne which was a shot fired, dummy thrown into the lake with a fairly difficult long mark for the dog through the trees.  Anything other than a straight out and back and the dog lost marks rapidly (those Retriever judges can be so cruel to our little spaniels!).

First to run was Anita Jones with a sprightly little Cocker and the colourful Dave Templar with a little black and white Springer.  Dave turned out to be the whole of the Wiltshire Team with an array of excellent dogs!  Dave was to go on and take ‘Best Overall Dog’ with a lovely stylish liver and white dog.  I don’t know what they put in Walter’s tea, but he was scything through the bracken like an 18 year old, probably trying to keep up with Anita!  From the moment the first dogs started it was evident that it was going to be a tough competition as most of the dogs running were trial winners and some had even been to the Championships and during the whole day I didn’t see a single dog make a major mistake.  The viewing for the gallery is excellent and the standard of handlers and dogs was for all to see.  

I was the first to run in our team and had to follow Chris Green (Head Keeper at Connaught Park) who had a very smart, stylish Beuccleuh bitch but Alice, being her reliable self, gave a good account dropping just a few marks as she needed handling on her memory retrieve.  Dave (Cuddles) Rayner ran Buddy the dog he had at this year’s Championship for the Bristol & West and also had Simon Jones and Richard Preest in his team.  Margaret Cox, Alice Wise and Louise Burnell ran for the Cornwall and all gave good accounts of themselves.

Next in was Brian.  I couldn’t bear to watch his run in case the wheels came off!  So decided to go and do my water test (which could be taken at any time throughout the day) which also gave me a chance to cool Alice off after her run as surprisingly enough, it was very warm.  Alice made a good mark of the splash and an out and back retrieve.  Needless to say, Brian’s wheels stayed on although he thought the dog could have done better (no pleasing some folk).

A few more dogs came and went and Liz is now getting anxious as she was about to take her turn.  Gracie was a little unlucky as the ground she had to hunt was fairly sparse of cover which did not show her potential to the full and Liz managed to work herself into a barbed wire fence!  Funny how the brain stops working when you get nervous!  But luckily, good old Walther steered her clear!  The dog made its retrieves and we had another sound run under our belts.  There were some excellent cockers running and they all seemed to be holding their own against the springers.  These little dogs always seem to raise their game when it matters.  We then broke for mid-day lunch.  Time for more of Ken’s cooking and banter with friends and reflection on what lies ahead as we had heard rumours that the second run of the test was to be different (which were founded!)  Lunch over we made our way back to the bracken as the clouds started to bubble and it looked as though we may be in for some rain.

Brian’s water test had gone to plan but Liz was a little concerned as she may have dropped some points as Gracie came onto the bank and had to be handled.  The second test was a shot and dummy thrown a long way forward which the opposite dog was sent for, a hunt on and a repeat performance for the other dog.  On completion of both dogs’ forward retrieves, the dogs were then sent for a blind behind and that completed the run.  Much as before, the standard was superb and it was evident that all of the teams must be in contention.  Alice was running on the left close to the fence and the gallery – she always seem to raise her game for an audience and gave me and Jeremy a pleasurable run.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  Brian’s run was difficult as the dog had its back to the long seen and did not mark through some awkward cover and Brian had to do a bit of handling although its hunting was up to its usual high standard and no problem with the blind.  Liz’s run with Gracie was to perfection.  This time Gracie had perfect cover and showed herself to her full glory.  Liz looked relaxed and its long seen retrieve was back in one.  Now for the blind – Liz’s handling was spot on, one pip of the whistle, a left hand signal and the dog was soon back with a perfect delivery. Job done.  Jeremy’s comments about the dog made Liz’s day (Brian and I keep telling her its a ‘good’un’).

We couldn’t do anymore than go back to the marquee where we were greeted with tea, coffee and the most wonderful fruit cake.  Its amazing how many people can crowd into a small marquee when it is raining that hard but the die hard dog men and women stood out in the rain.  With the paperwork done, time for the results.  Cornwall who have been previous winners were third, Bristol & West who have won for the last 2 years were second and ..............

                                         LECONFIELD WERE FIRST – HOORAY!

Our thanks go to Jon Chamberlain and the Kintbury Gundog Club for putting on such an excellent day, the Judges for seeing it our way in a close event with the Bristol & West (count back on hunting scores), all of the helpers and above all, the hosts of Highclere for allowing the clubs to run at such a prestigious ground and to all of the competitors who took part.  Any clubs wishing to put a team forward for this event would not be disappointed with any aspect of this event or spectators wishing to see good dog work at close hand.

Stewart Seward


A special thanks to Maurice Stanbury for supplying these photo’s of the winning Leconfield team of Elizabeth James, Stewart Seward and Brian Wade and Dave Templar with his Best All Round Spaniel also Elizabeth and Stewart for allowing us to use this report.

A/V Spaniel Spring Test held at West Woodhay Estate on
        Sunday 18th  March 2012 by kind permission of:

              Mr  H Henderson & Mr D Barton

Judges Puppy: Mr Kevin Barraclough & Mrs Maureen Smith

Judges Novice & Open: Mr Tom Sheppard & Mrs Anita Jones.


1st place Ann Brown with Spelsbury Timmy ESS
nd place Julie Thatcher with Bawdenflight Hugo Ector ESS
rd place Ann Buckley with Bawdenflight Coral Crush of
Scovellsway ESS
th place Jay Thompson  with Nunny Cadwaladr (BC)
COM  Nunny Cerys with Kerry Wiggins
COM Cimitarra Tallulahs Tempest with Paul Ransome (BC)


1st place Robert Kelly with Yellowhill Buzz ESSD
nd place Jay Thatcher with Glenrussel David of Mullenscote ESSD
rd place Sarah Sullivan with Shipbroker ESSB
th place Adrian Bunday with Popplelight Aachen ESSB
COM Philip Dicks with  Centrewalk Roberto CSD
COM Paul Ransome with Lioness of Lanacre CSB
COM Alan Yeates with Springmeadow Sam ESS


1st place Gatekeeper Meg of Centrewalk with Richard Preest
nd place Centrewalk Moonshell with Richard Preest
rd place Halaze Oh Boy of Woodash with Dave Rayner
th place Twynham Topez with Sandra Blake
COM Buccleuch Gem with Chris Green
COM Nimoway Girl with Ray Titchener
COM Lawsanna Jumpin Jed with Paul Blakeley
For anybody wishing to view or purchase photographs taken at this event, they are now available at: www.surreyhillsphotography.co.uk

Any other photographs taken by members of the club at this event can be uploaded by contacting the webmaster

   Novice A/V Spaniel Trial held at Highclere Estate
   Wednesday 11th January 2012 by kind permission of:

          The Earl of Carnarvon & Eddie Hughes

       Judges: Mr John Crawford & Mrs Anita Jones

1st place Gary Atwill with Cherygal Light ESSB

2nd place Louise Burnell with Halaze Paprika ESSB

3rd place Jonathan Nightingale with Surefly Midge CSB

4th place Nigel Price with Rolling Stones Girl ESSB

COM Ray Titchener with Nimoway Girl ESSB

COM Eric Smith with Nederscott Just the Ticket ESSD

COM Paul Hulin with Centerwalk Scintilate CSB
also received Guns Choice